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Fuel and Air

Fuel and air delivery related items for the Genuine Buddy scooters

Including filters, carburetor parts, fuel line, airbox parts, and more


Accelerator pump used on the carburated Buddy 125 and Buddy 150..


Carb slide and diaphragm for the Buddy 125 and Buddy 150 CV carbs..


Float assembly for the Buddy 125, Buddy 150 and Blur 150..


Float bowl gasket (o-ring) for the carburated Buddy 125 and 150. If you take off your float bowl it'..


Float bowl gasket / o-ring for the Buddy 50 and the Roughhouse 50..


Carburetor float needle / valve for the Genuine Buddy 125, Buddy 150, and Blur 150 scooters...


Float needle for the Roughhouse 50. If your carburetor overflows this is the most likely culprit...


This o-ring goes between the intake manifold and the cylinder head on the Buddy 125 and Buddy 150. I..


Rubber boot fits over the shaft of the Accelerator Pump DiaphragmUsed on the Buddy 125 and Buddy 150..


Air filter used on the Buddy 125, Buddy 150, Buddy 170i..


Air filter used on Buddy 50...


Auto bystarter also knows as auto choke assembly used on Buddy 50 scooters. O-rings included...

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