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2016 Victory Empulse TT

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In 2015 Victory acquired the electric bike manufacturer Brammo. This acquisition resulted in the Victory Empulse TT being released the very next year. A battery capacity of 10,400 watt hours paired with the permanent magnet alternating current motor means instant torque, good acceleration and a range of roughly 100 miles depending of how spirited the ride. Sure, you are not going to take any cross country tours on this bike, but it is plenty for your daily commute or a quick weekend ride. The battery can be fully charged in just under 4 hours at a stage 2 charging station, or around 8 hours on wall power. The manual transmission sets this bike apart from the rest of the electric bike models. Experience the thrill of instant torque and acceleration without having to re-learn how to ride a motorcycle.  

This is a pre owned 2016 model with 1,106 miles. 

Bike Specifications
Seat Height 31.5"
Weight 470 lbs
Brakes Front: 310mm Brembo dual hydraulic discs Rear: Brembo hydraulic disc
Manufacturer Victory
Tires and Wheels Front: 120/70-17 tubeless tire, 17" mag wheel Rear: 160/60-17 tubeless tire, 17" mag wheel
Engine Internal permanent magnet ac
Year 2016

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