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Roughhouse Parts

OEM parts for the Genuine Roughhouse 50 Scooter. We will have parts for the new 12" Wheel Roughhouse soon!  If you don't see an item you need just give us a call or send an email and we can get it for you in a few days.


Exhaust gasket that is used between the head pipe and cylinder on Buddy 50, Buddy 125, Buddy 150, Bu..


(8mm x 1.25 thread pitch) Flange nut use in multiple locations. We will have links to the parts manu..


Fuel filter assembly used on Roughhouse 50, Blackcat 50 and Rattler 110...


8 amp fuse for Buddy 50, Roughhouse 50, and Rattler 110 scooters. ..


Cylinder head gasket used on Buddy 50 and Roughhouse 50...


Ignition switch used on Roughhouse 50 scooters manufactured in 2012 or later. Includes ignition swit..

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