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GENUINE 2t Oil - 1qt


Artfully crafted, perfectly curated for your Genuine Buddy 50, Roughhouse 50 and other 2T bikes of course :)

Genuine Motor Oil Synthetic JASO FD, ISO-L-EGD 2-Stroke Engine Oil is a high performance fully synthetic 2-stroke engine oil specifically designed to meet the requirements set forth by the JASO FD and ISO-L-EGD 2-stroke engine oil specifications. This product is considered a low smoke, low ash fluid that can be used in 2-stroke scooters, motorcycles, golf carts, chainsaws, leaf blowers and weedeaters.

This product can be used in premix systems or in direct oil injection systems in accordance with equipment manufacturer’s recommendations.

Genuine Motor Oil Synthetic JASO FD, ISO-L-EGD 2-Stroke Engine Oil meets the following service specifications:

•  JASO FD (and older FA, FB, and FC)

•  ISO-L-EGD (and older L-EGB and L-EGC)


•  Husqvarna 346 and 372

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