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Blur Parts

Blur Parts

OEM Parts for the Genuine Blur 150 and Blur 220i

If you don't see an item you need just give us a call or send an email and we can get it for you in a few days


Float assembly for the Buddy 125, Buddy 150 and Blur 150..


Carburetor float needle / valve for the Genuine Buddy 125, Buddy 150, and Blur 150 scooters...


Hex head flange bolt used on multiple models in multiple locations including all the Buddy models an..


OEM Autobystarter (also called an auto choke). This provides a richer fuel mixture for cold starting..


6mm x 25mm Flange Head BoltUsed different places including the crankcase, transmission, and airbox h..


Brake lever for the Blur 220iFits either side (front brake or rear brake)We only have 1 left and the..


Brake lever that can be used as left or right lever, used on Blur 150 and Blur 220 scooters. ..


Brake switch used on Buddy 50, Buddy 125, Buddy 150, Buddy 170, Buddy Kick, Hooligan 170i, Roughhous..


Cam Chain Tensioner Gasket for the Buddy 125 and Blur 220i..


Flasher Relay Unit for all Buddy scooters, the Blur 220, and Roughhouse 50's with NON LED turn signa..


Heat shield hardware used for mounting the muffler cover on Buddy 50, Buddy 125, Buddy 150, Buddy 17..


Ignition coil assy for the Blur 220i - All years..

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