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  • Brand: Genuine Scooters
  • Product Code: Genuine Gear Oil 85w/140
  • Availability: 51


Perfect for your next oil change!  This 115 ML bottle means you don't have to buy a gallon bucket of the wrong stuff (*cough*  *cough*, 80/90, we're looking at you).

Genuine Motor Oil Synthetic Blend GL-4 85W-140 Gear Oil has been specifically developed to be used in scooter gear boxes calling for a high quality API GL-4 85W-140 gear oil. High quality, high viscosity index, base stocks blended with a sulfur and phosphorous extreme pressure additive package provide superior performance including anti-weld, anti-scuff, and anti-wear properties to gear components.

Do not use this API GL-4 gear oil in automotive applications calling for a GL-5 and/or limited slip application.

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